Top 5 DIY Camera Straps

As avid DIYers, we understand the value of a great camera - but we're not so keen on the boring straps that come with most DSLRs. Fortunately there are plenty of tutorials for adorable DIY camera straps, so we picked out a few of our favorites to inspire us. Which one do you like the … Continue reading Top 5 DIY Camera Straps

DIY Camera Strap by Thanks, I Made It

We teamed up with Erin of Thanks, I Made It for another original DIY. Keep reading to see the tutorial for Erin's adorable camera strap! I recently purchased a great new camera that, while compact, deserves a great camera strap to match. I was inspired by one of M&J's original DIYs, the studded neon leather … Continue reading DIY Camera Strap by Thanks, I Made It

DIY Beaded Camera Strap

We got such a great response to our list of the Top 5 DIY Camera Straps that we figured it was about time we made our own! We opted for a beaded trim in a Native American print, and performed our DIY magic to make it completely sturdy and usable. Follow the directions below to … Continue reading DIY Beaded Camera Strap