DIY King of Pop Military Inspired Jacket

By Roseann I suspect that we will see a lot of MJ impersonators this Halloween, so I’d like to help those who are interested in celebrating the King of Pop’s iconic style do it right.  The late pop star’s style was always evolving and maturing from his bell bottoms and afro in the early 1960’s … Continue reading DIY King of Pop Military Inspired Jacket

M&J Trimming Featured in Teen Vogue August Issue

Have you picked up the latest issue of Teen Vogue?  If you haven't, then pick up the August issue at your local book store.  M&J Trimming is featured on page 131 of the, "Reality Check" section.  The issue focus on embellishing simple garments and accessories into high fashion styles. 

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a creative Father’s day gift.  If you haven’t decided what you want to give your Dad yet, then this post is for you.   You can easily customize something especially for him.  There’s no one else out there like your … Continue reading Father’s Day Ideas

Nautical Style Makes a Splash on Street Fashion

By Milton   This summer nautical fashion makes a come back and has been incorporated in many ways into urban wardrobe.  Some of the details that are visible in runways and street fashion are: white and blue stripes, anchor buttons, bullion crests with sailing-inspired details, like the ones from Arena Home, spring/summer 2009. Other collections … Continue reading Nautical Style Makes a Splash on Street Fashion

Bullion Crest Baseball Cap

By Milton   Transform a plain baseball cap to something a little bolder with the addition of a bullion crest. The crest can transform a simple cap to something that carries a sense of bold maturity. Crests come in such a broad range of themes; it¹s easy to find one that suits you or your … Continue reading Bullion Crest Baseball Cap

15% OFF all Bullion Crest

If you didn't already know, then you know now that with every changing season there is a new trend.  Besides the classic black dress, there's another trend that never seems to go away.  Of course it can't be none other than the preppy style.  For over 15 years now, this classic trend came and never … Continue reading 15% OFF all Bullion Crest

Mail & Envelope Holder

By Dara Bills, bills and more bills!  They just seem to keep coming, one right after the other.  Sometimes organizing them or just simply remembering where you placed them can get difficult.   For example, I have a habit of opening them after I get home and throwing them on whichever table or draw is closes … Continue reading Mail & Envelope Holder