Nightstand Necessities Inspiration

One of the most intimate spots in the home is sometimes the most overlooked: the nightstand. But your nightstand can say a lot about your personality because it holds the last things you use right before you drift off to sleep. From books to magazines to a soothing scented candle, your nightstand is a very … Continue reading Nightstand Necessities Inspiration

Masculine Decor Inspiration

We're only days away from Father's Day, a day when we celebrate some of the most important men in our lives. But what if our favorite guys weren't dads? How do the dads of tomorrow live today? Take a look at these bachelor pads to appreciate not only the coolest dudes in your life, but the minimalist … Continue reading Masculine Decor Inspiration

Fantasy Bedroom Decor Inspiration

With movies like Malificent coming out and epic shows like Game of Thrones becoming all the rage, it easy to see that we've fallen for the fantasy genre. In the digital age we love the idea of dragons and magic because they provide the most wonderful escape from every day! Why not bring some of … Continue reading Fantasy Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Lace Decor Inspiration

Lace is the quintessential feminine fabric. It's beautiful, delicate and often has a floral pattern. While it's usually relegated to fashion, lace has a place in home decor too! If you like the rustic shabby chic look, lace is a classic. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use lace in your home. … Continue reading Lace Decor Inspiration

DIY Inspiration: Pillows

The perfect dream always starts off with falling asleep in a bed full of pillows.  With our minds on bedroom decor, pillows that are pretty, edgy, funny, and simple are definitely what we are eying.  They would be a lot of fun to create! 1,2,3,4,5

DIY Inspiration: Bedroom Decor

After decking our halls for the holidays, we've been extremely inspired to continue our home decorating trend.  We've decided to start with the coziest place in our homes...the bedroom!  Inspired by the lace, plaid, and jacquard patterns in these pictures, we can't wait to begin DIYing some pieces for our bedrooms! 1,2,3,4,5