DIY Beaded Fringe Reversible Necklace

By Roseann   In the wake of the slow economy many people have turned to do it yourself fashion projects.  As a result I have seen some of the most innovative and creative pieces in decades.    The best of these hand made accessories display bold mixes of materials and colors.  And hey, if you’re going … Continue reading DIY Beaded Fringe Reversible Necklace

DIY Valentine’s Day Vase

By Rosenn   Expecting flowers this Valentines day?  Why not put them in a vase as hot as the man who sent them.  You can dress up an old vase or grab an inexpensive plain glass vase from your home décor shop.    Materials used: 1 Glass flower vase 24 inches, depending on circumference of … Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Vase

Beaded Sequin Fringe Table Cloth

By Eleah   Table looking a little drab?  Fancy it up with a tablecloth!  This week I wanted to spruce up a little a night stand with a tablecloth and fringe.  It's a quick project and requires no sewing!  Supplies: Measure the surface of the table you would like to cover and add 5 inches … Continue reading Beaded Sequin Fringe Table Cloth

Lighting The Mood For Mom

By Eleah Mothers day is just around the corner.  Almost any sensible woman above the age of 25 will tell you that lighting is key.  Bad lighting such as overhead fluorescents can drastically alter her appearance not to mention the all around mood of the room.  Help a lady out this Mother's day with the … Continue reading Lighting The Mood For Mom