Upcycled Tee Shirt Bag DIY

How many of you have countless amounts of tee shirts lined up in your drawers? Why not transform your tee into something you've been eyeing in stores…a cute rocker chic tote, for example. Here at M&J we’re always looking for ways to amp up our clothes. Since it is Earth Day we felt it was the perfect … Continue reading Upcycled Tee Shirt Bag DIY

Alexander McQueen Inspired Bag DIY

Each year there is an it-bag. This coveted item is desired by everyone but owned by a select few.  This past year everyone had been crazed over the Alexander McQueen Skull bag.  Upon adding our Skull Nailheads to our e-commerce site, we realized how simple this DIY would be.  Check out our Alexander McQueen Inspired … Continue reading Alexander McQueen Inspired Bag DIY

DIY Alexander McQueen Belt

By Sketch42blog Nicole from Sketch42blog shared a fun and chic DIY with us and we love it. It's easy to make a looks great on.My husband thinks I'm crazy with all these DIYs I've been compulsively making. I made this Alexander Mcqueen belt for two reasons. 1. I love the original. 2. Because I JUST HAD … Continue reading DIY Alexander McQueen Belt