Autumn Dinner Party Inspiration

Burlap and rich autumn colors are favorites of the season. Adding them instantly adds fall flavor to your table, and we're not talking cinnamon.   Go for the gold with this fall tablescape, and easily transition into winter by switching out a few seasonal elements! Chillier weather means the outdoor parties of summer head inside, but … Continue reading Autumn Dinner Party Inspiration

Favorite DIYs of October

October was full of fantastic DIYs that were perfect for Halloween! And the day is still young, which means you still have time to create these beyond incredible DIYs! So what are you waiting for? Head to M&J Trimming, grab your last-minute supplies and get your costume ready for a night of tricks and treats!Leave … Continue reading Favorite DIYs of October

Modern Myth Inspiration

Myths and fantastic creatures were often used to explain the unexplainable. While modern science has unraveled many of the mysteries that once puzzled our ancestors, it's fun to step back in time to an era where mythical beasts roamed in the dark shadows, and mystical magic could be summoned for good and evil, especially around … Continue reading Modern Myth Inspiration

Dotted Decor Inspiration

When it comes to patterns for the home, polka dots aren't a very common pick. Floral, stripes and other geometric patterns take the stage, while polka dots are often thrown in as an exciting accent. And while we love all patterns equally, from herringbone to zebra print, we want to show a little extra love … Continue reading Dotted Decor Inspiration

Forget Fraying Ribbon

We've all been there, you use a cord or ribbon to tie a bow, and the next thing you know your beautiful bow is just a bundle of threads. If you've dealt with fraying ribbon, and you want to know how to stop your ribbons in their tracks, you are not alone. In fact, it … Continue reading Forget Fraying Ribbon

Runway Beauty Inspiration

Today we're doing something a little bit different, and switching gears away from clothing an home decor. Today we're turning our focus onto beauty, an element that is arguably just as important during Fashion Week as the fashion! Take a look at some of our favorite bold and daring looks from shows of  gone by. … Continue reading Runway Beauty Inspiration

Color Story: Coral

This week we're highlighting a color that screams summer to us! One you'll find in your brightly colored fruit smoothies, the toes of bikini-clad beach-goers, and dappled on the skin of your summer peaches. We're talking about coral, a color inspired by the vibrant reef! A bright color like this is perfect for celebrations, making it … Continue reading Color Story: Coral

Beach Accessories & Outfits DIY Roundup

If you're planning on heading to the beach or pool this summer, make your time even MORE fun with these great ideas that are practical, cute, and easy to make! This cool beach bag is perfect for keeping your items intact. The soft   Make a strapped beach towel backpack to make your trips to … Continue reading Beach Accessories & Outfits DIY Roundup

Beach Day Inspiration

It's the weekend, the sun is high and the weather is warm. It's the perfect day to go to the beach! If the call of the ocean breeze isn't enough to make you pack up your beach tote, and head to the water, these photos will definitely jump start your weekend vacation. From outfits to … Continue reading Beach Day Inspiration

Summer in Shades Inspiration

    Sunglasses are on of our most beloved accessories for spring and summer, and we usually can't wait to start wearing them during the dark and dreary days of winter. Sunglasses can instantly make you look polished and put-together. Just throw on a pair of statement sunnies, a light coat of coral lipstick, and … Continue reading Summer in Shades Inspiration