Summer to Fall Transitional Fashion

When it comes to transitioning from summer style to fall fashion, the change doesn't always have to involve buying an entirely new wardrobe! You can keep key summer pieces, and transform them into fabulous fall outfits. How? Strategic layering. Don't throw your shorts to the depths of your closet just yet! Pair them with a … Continue reading Summer to Fall Transitional Fashion

Best Dressed Bicycle-Riding Beauties

As it starts to get mildly cooler, we're prepping for one of our favorite fall activities, bike riding! Of course riding a bicycle is fun no matter what time of year it is, but there's something inherently magical about riding during autumn. Stay on-trend with a denim midi skirt, and don't forget to bring your playful … Continue reading Best Dressed Bicycle-Riding Beauties

DIY: Tassel Statement Necklace

We're used to seeing jewelry that's made of gold and silver, but jewelry doesn't need to be made of metal to make a real statement! This week we've created a necklace that features silky cord and fun braided tassels. This necklace will go great with any summer outfit, or swap out the tassels for a … Continue reading DIY: Tassel Statement Necklace

Fall 2015 Fashion Accessory Inspiration

Although we still have plenty of summer left, it's never too early to start prepping for fall. An easy way to update your wardrobe for the upcoming season is to bring in stylish accessories. Check out some of our upcoming favorites!  Pearls, often associated with preppy style, have gotten revamped. The simple string of pearls … Continue reading Fall 2015 Fashion Accessory Inspiration

Rope and Cord Accessory Inspiration

This week we've been focusing on the use of rope and cord for decor almost exclusively, but there's so much more to do with this type of trim! We took a look at some of our favorite ways to feature these elements in your outfit, and we think you'll agree that when it comes to … Continue reading Rope and Cord Accessory Inspiration

Favorite DIYs from July

As the summer slowly comes to an end, keep yourself busy with these DIYs that surely come in handy. Who said hardware couldn’t be a girl’s best friend? Check out this necklace made out of hardware pieces and leather cording. These personalized bleached towels are to die for! Keep the summer going with these fun DIY … Continue reading Favorite DIYs from July

Deep Sea Coral Inspiration

When it comes to design, fashion, and home decor; the word "coral" evokes a bold color that balances beautifully between red, orange and pink. But today we're tackling the topic of coral, the living and breathing aquatic invertebrate responsible for some of the most beautiful abstract patterns found in natural. We prefer just to use … Continue reading Deep Sea Coral Inspiration

4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Classic Rhinestone Buckle Embellished Bandeau

If you thought that there's nothing more glamorous than a simple black bathing suit, we're about to turn your world upside down! For this final 4 Ways DIY, we used one simple accessory to make your bathing suit almost elegant enough to wear to a formal event, almost. The addition of a simple rhinestone clasp … Continue reading 4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Classic Rhinestone Buckle Embellished Bandeau

4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Pom Pom Bikini

If you're a bohemian beach babe, you'll love this 4 Ways DIY! We took an already fun and bright bikini, and added some funky contrasting pom poms to the mix! The look can vary depending on the colors you use too. If you want a more delicate look, use off-white or swap the pom poms … Continue reading 4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Pom Pom Bikini

4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Retro Floral Trimmed Suit

Looking for a retro-chic look this summer? Bring out your inner bombshell with a bandeau bathing suit trimmed with blooms! We used a beautiful blue daisy trim to offer a bold contrast against a bright yellow suit. Nothing says summer quite like a refreshing jolt of color paired with fun floral accent, and this suit absolutely screams it! … Continue reading 4 Ways to Embellish Bathing Suits: Retro Floral Trimmed Suit