DIY Nailhead Bulletin Board

By Sketch42 Blogger Nicole Cohen I really needed a place in my kitchen to post invitations, schedules and more. I didn't want to hang up any old cork board, so I made this one out of a cork board, fabric and some nail heads. You will need: 1. A cork board of any size 2. … Continue reading DIY Nailhead Bulletin Board

Monogrammed Pillows

By  Sketch 42 blogger Nicole Cohen  Ever since I saw this picture of design team Badgely-Mischka's horse farm home with its killer monogrammed bed pillows, I have been loving them.   I think esthetically it happens to look really cool. It looks crisp and modern and adds a graphic element to an otherwise simple bed.        Via … Continue reading Monogrammed Pillows

Skirted Tables

By Nicole I love the crisp tailored look of these trimmed out skirted tables! I think it adds a fresh dimension to a traditional idea. Skirted tables are a great way to hide something ugly,give yourself more storage and create something beautiful! So when I scavenged through my Mother in Laws basement and found the … Continue reading Skirted Tables

Decorative Throw Pillows

By Nicole Cohen Is your home desperately in need of some high fashion glamour? Throw pillows are an easy way to punch up a room, and they can be changed at your whim. However, decorative throw pillows can be very expensive, especially if you buy more than one of them. Now you can add that … Continue reading Decorative Throw Pillows