DIY Chain Tassel Earrings

By Roseann We’ve all seen chains used in about every which way possible these past couple seasons, but you know I just feel that my jewelry box isn’t saturated enough with them.  So, on that note, I would like to give a simple tutorial on how to make a great pair of earrings by creating … Continue reading DIY Chain Tassel Earrings

Instant Denim Update: DIY Zipper Inserts

By:Roseann For this weeks blog, I would like to address that pair of jeans in our closets that haven’t done us any good but take up space.  You all know that you’ve got at least one of those, I happen to have several.  The pair I chose to work with still fit great despite a … Continue reading Instant Denim Update: DIY Zipper Inserts

Fringe Conspiracy: DIY Fringe Vest and T-Shirt in One

By: Roseann I recently came across a brief interview in Indie Magazine with Berlin Designer Paula Immich.   The interview was regarding a recent collection called “Mit Haut und Haar” (i.e. “with skin and hair”).  In this collection Immich used flocks of hair in seams and collars.  Sounds Bizarre right, however the effect is quite whimsical.  … Continue reading Fringe Conspiracy: DIY Fringe Vest and T-Shirt in One

DIY Leather Fringe Cropped T

By: Roseann DIY fashion is all about modifying what already exists in our closet.  Cutting up an old T-shirt and giving it an updated look is still my favorite DIY project, which coincidentally goes along quite nicely with my current obsession, fringe.  Today’s project is quite simple and is a great way to achieve a … Continue reading DIY Leather Fringe Cropped T

DIY: Embellished Breastplate Necklace

By Roseann I recently became quite excited about this multi chain and chainmail combo and decided to incorporate it into this week’s project.  Inspired by Fiona Paxton’s jewelry this project is a bit more involved than some of my earlier posts, but with a little patience the result is stunning.  A lot of hand work … Continue reading DIY: Embellished Breastplate Necklace

DIY Wire Frame and Sequins Earrings

By Roseann Sometimes design is just that, design.  It is not there to represent anything, say anything, mean anything.  We are pulled in and attracted to it simply for aesthetic reasons.  Inspired solely by organic form these earrings are simple and quick to create. Materials: 2 4” hat pins Metal sequins Crimp beads 2 looped … Continue reading DIY Wire Frame and Sequins Earrings

Going Tribal: DIY Mix Media Fringe Necklace

By: Roseann I am excited to see the tribal trend taking off this summer.  The look is comprised of bold graphic prints paired with warm tones and natural accents.  This can be a tricky look to pull off, so couple of tips.  When mixing patterns and textures, be sure each piece has one or two … Continue reading Going Tribal: DIY Mix Media Fringe Necklace

DIY Composite Bangle

By Roseann Composite and collage jewelry have been a big hit thus far in 2010 and it seemingly will be around for some time to come.  Combining a variety of different elements into a piece gives you, the designer, a lot of freedom for expression and exploring personal style.  I happen to consider myself to … Continue reading DIY Composite Bangle

DIY Slashed and Braided T-Shirt

By Roseann As you all may know cutting up a simple shirt and making a glam addition to a wardrobe happens to be my favorite DIY project.  I Simple T-shirt is a great canvas for a creative mind.  Today I would like to show how to braid a T-shirt, it is very simple and the … Continue reading DIY Slashed and Braided T-Shirt

DIY Zipper Belt

By Roseann Hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I am! Today I would like to show you a very simple DIY project that will give any outfit a bit of edge, a creative and chic Zipper Belt. For the list of materials check out our DIY Page