Nautical Style Makes a Splash on Street Fashion


By Milton


This summer nautical fashion makes a come back and has been incorporated in many ways into urban wardrobe.  Some of the details that are visible in runways and street fashion are: white and blue stripes, anchor buttons, bullion crests with sailing-inspired details, like the ones from Arena Home, spring/summer 2009. Other collections inspired by the nautical lifestyle are Dolce and Gabbana spring/summer 2009 and Chanel¹s Resort 2010, which was inspired in Coco Chanel’s first visit to Venice.  I made this striped grosgrain and anchor buttons belt, it’s easy to make and perfect to get the nautical look. 



  1. 2 yards striped grosgrain ribbon in navy
  2. 2 1”D rings
  3. 1 24mm and 2 15mm anchor buttons (42387)
  4. 1 15mm snap (11425)
  5. 1 tube of Unique Stitch Glue
  6. Needle and thread



  1. Measure your waist.
  2. Add 6”to this measurement and cut ribbon this length.
  3. At one end create a finished edge by folding the edge over ¼”and securing it with a drop of Unique Stitch Glue.
  4. Thread the same end through both D rings at ¾”fold and secure with glue
  5. At the other end of the ribbon create another finished edge by folding the edge over twice in ¼”sections.  Be sure to create the fold in the opposite direction as the first.
  6. On the non face side of the end you just finished sew 1 part of the snap ¾”away from the edge.
  7. Measure 10 ½”and sew the other part of the snap
  8. From the second part of the snap measure ½”and sew 1 of the 15mm buttons.
  9. On the face side sew the 24mm button ¾”away from the edge, this will hide the stitches holding the snap in place.
  10. Sew the other 15mm buttons ½”from the 24mm button.
  11. Wear, enjoy!

DIY Multi-facet Swarovski Jewel Bracelet


By Milton


People often ask me what’s my advice when it comes to fashion.  My reply is “Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize some more”.  Accessories can really help enhance what you’re wearing; unless you’re already wearing something that sparkles all on its own.  Some examples would be a sequin dress or an overly embellished jewel dress. 

 The Swarovski bracelet I made today would look great with an outfit that doesn’t have any embellishments on it.  Like your “Little Black” dress.  So let’s get started.




  1. Lay out your pattern.  As you can see, my pattern switches between the rectangle and oval jewels.
  2. Carefully using the pliers open and add a jump ring to the circle end of the closure. 
  3. Add the rectangle jewel to the jump ring. 
  4. After that, add another jump ring and add the oval jewel to the jump ring.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you run out of jewels.
  6. At the end of the pattern, add five jump rings and then add the long end of the closure.
  7. Now you’re bracelet is ready to be worn. 


By Milton


Ladies, it’s that time again.  This Sunday, M&J Trimming will be hosting another headband workshop.  You’ll be able to learn how to create some dazzling DIY headbands like the one I made here.  Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM to register. 

For this headband, I used a large plastic headband that I got from a local discount store.  With a 2″ wide satin ribbon, I simply covered the headband using unique stitch glue.  After that dried, I glued a beaded appliqué onto the side.  Then Tada!  It’s really that simple. 


Satin Bow Headband


By Milton


Headbands are undeniably popular, thanks to Gossip Girl.  Girls across the world can’t seem to get enough of these lovely accessories.  However, these headbands do come with a large price tag at the department stores.  Recently, a lot of people took a different route and started making their own headbands.  I’ve put up some instructions on this new piece that is quite popular.





  1. Turn the glue-gun on and leave it to heat up for about 3-5 minutes.
  2. After the glue is hot, carefully place a tiny dab of the glue long one end of the 1.5″ satin ribbon.  Do this for both the 12 inch and 14 inch long ribbons. 
  3. Then take the other end and place it over the area that you applied glue to. 
  4. After a few minutes, turn both ribbons inside out.  Apply a little bit of glue to the area where you see the ends that were already glued together.  Then hold the ribbon together in the center so that there are two loops.  (One on each side)
  5. Flip the ribbon back into place.  Apply a little bit of glue along the center of the 14 inch long ribbon.  Then place that glued area onto the headband.  As you’re adding the ribbon, pinch the ribbon into place.  (As shown in the picture above)
  6. Repeat step 5 with the 12 inch long ribbon, but this time place the ribbon over the other ribbon that you glued onto the headband.
  7. Once you’ve done that, add a little bit of glue to the 5/8″ satin ribbon and wrap it around the center of the larger ribbons. 
  8. Leave it to dry for a minute or two and you’re done. 


DIY Headband For New Years


By Milton



It’s pretty obvious that the headbands from Gossip Girl have been inspiring girls everywhere this year.  As long the cast from the show continues with this trend, sporting these stylish headbands isn’t going away anytime soon.    

 This week, I’ve decided to create a different headband using sew-on jewel trims.  They’re great for that extra sparking finish to use on New Years Eve.   There are different colors available to match almost any color garment you might be wearing for the night. 





  1. Measure the trim so that it wraps around the top of the headband
  2. Cut the trim
  3. Carefully use the glue gun to add glue along the top of the headband
  4. Add the trim from one end the other and let it try
  5. In just minutes, your headband is ready for use!


Happy New Years Everyone!

Fashionable DIY Gift Ideas For Winter

By Milton


It’s getting pretty cold around this time of the year.  I guess you can say winter is one of the most fashionable season.    Fashionistas gets to demonstrate your abilities to set a trend.  One of this season’s popular trend is to look stylish while rockin’ out to some of latest hits on your mp3 player.  It’s out with the small earbud headsets and in with the full ear cover headphones.  You can get them from a department or electronic store for a resonably good price.  Now for the stylying part.  Cut out enough fur trim to cover each side of the headphones.  Use hot glue gun to attach it the headphones.  Let it dry and in just minutes, your gift is ready for wrapping.  For the price of the headphones and one yard of fur trim, you can make a few of theses for friends and family.  Happy Holiday!

A Glimpse at Pre-Fall 2009 Collection


By Milton




Zac Posen


Narcio Rodriguez





These are some looks from the Pre-Fall 2009 collection. This was the first Pre-Fall for Doo.Ri, which were mostly dresses and used mainly black, white, gray and pale blues.  Zac Posen’s collection  was inspired by  the forties, (his signature look). Narciso Rodriguez  flows with references from Spring ’09 with a peek of Fall ’09; showing more of a classic look with cocktail dresses and classic two piece suits. From Burberry Prorsum I can only say that I simply love every single look.

Dress Up For Halloween Using Body Glue


By Milton

Halloween is just around the corner!  Add some elaborate looking elements to your costume this year without using elaborate amounts of energy!  A few rhinestones and feathers around your eyes are the perfect accent for Halloween this season. 

All you need is body glue, a wooden applicator (or something around the same thickness as a chopstick), beeswax, feathers, and rhinestones in your desired size and color.  Our rhinestone starter kit comes with all the essential tools (rhinestones and feathers not included).  Your design will stay on all night long and comes off when you are ready to remove it with soap and warm water.

Body Glue


  1. I suggest sketching out a draft of your design before you begin gluing.
  2. Apply a small amount of beeswax (about the size of a pea) to one end of your wooden applicator.  You will use this to pick up the rhinestones from the top by lightly touching the wax end to the top of the rhinestone.  Once placed on some glue it should detach itself from the wax.  Sometimes a little nudge with your finger is necessary. 
  3. Dot the area around your eye where you want to apply rhinestones or feathers and begin to apply your rhinestones and feathers.  Make sure you are looking in a mirror or having a friend do this for best results!
  4. Let your design dry for about 5 minutes and you are ready to go!

NYC’s Fashion Week Spring ’09


By Milton

If you love fashion, then you’re going to love these highlights from the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week SP09.  Fashion week started on September 5th and ended on the 12th.  Enjoy!

Calvin Klein


Diane von Furstenberg


Donna Karan



Narciso Rodiguez


 Oscar de la Renta

Gossip Girl (Serena’s Ribbon Headband)


By Milton

In Gossip Girl’s “Summer, Kind of WOnderful” episode for the second season, Serena van der Woodsen wore a silver ribbon as a headband to the white party.  One option to get this look is by using a metallic silver mesh ribbon.  I used about 5 yards and just wrapped multiple layers and then tied a knot in the back.  You can call 1.800.9.MJTRIM and ask for item number 36876.  It comes in 18 different colors.  I used the size 6mm in white.