DIY: PomPom Placemats


Summer is all about having fun, seeing friends and family, going on adventures and bright, bright colors! Embrace the summer spirit by introducing some fun onto your dinner table with these pompom placemats we’ve created. They add the perfect amount of pizzazz to your summer table, and are great for using when entertaining friends!

Materials for Pom Pom Fringe Placemat What You’ll Need:


3/8” Pom Pom Fringe


ScissorsMeasuring Pompom Trim for Placemat1. Lay your pom pom fringe against one side of your placemat, and cut to fit.

Gluing Fringe onto Placemat2. Place a line of glue going down the edges of the placemat, and glue down your trim.

3. Repeat on all sides.

Finished Pompom Placemat

9 comments on “DIY: PomPom Placemats

  1. mrsladyn says:


  2. stephinfante says:

    This looks so niceπŸ˜€

  3. lualublog says:

    ParabΓ©ns, ficou lindo. Adorei!

  4. oli.paola says:

    Trying it!!!

  5. nguyendena says:

    Very cute!

  6. meohmycrafts says:

    Loving how simple these are. Great idea.

  7. Maidelin says:

    Easy. Perfect Idea!!!!

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