Valentine’s Day happens to be a sore subject for some, but we think that’s just silly! Even if you don’t have someone special to celebrate, why not celebrate that VERY special shape that is the heart! Here are some of our favorite ways to wear it, and we’re not just talking about on your sleeve either!

Jeweled Heart Sweatshirt from Studio DIY

Kelly, you’ve done it again. Not only is this sweatshirt adorable, it’s totally DIY-able. Check out Studio DIY to learn how to make it! We’re swooning just thinking of the nailheads we could use!

Heart Shorts

So it’s still a little cold to rock these bad boys, but we had to put them on the list because they are fantastic DIY inspiration! A stencil and some fabric paint is all we need!

Heart Rings on Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn shows us that it’s all about the tiny details with these delicate hearts rings!

Heart Shaped Gloves

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we’re definitely fond of these amazing negative space heart gloves!

Heart Maxi Dress from Wildfox

If you’re really feeling hearts, then this casual maxi from Wildfox is perfect for you! Bold print, big design; this dress is bound to make a statement.

So where will you be wearing your heart this Valentine’s Day? With these fun picks, the options are endless!

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