Warm and Toasty DIY Roundup


These DIYs are perfect for those of us who want to make the best of this cold weather, and by the best we mean the coziest! Make these DIYs when you’re all bundled up this weekend, and then use them for further bundling! It’s like a never-ending cycle of coziness.

Crochet Socks from Kollabora user Magdalena LangaThese crochet socks from Kollabora user Magdalena Langa are so cozy looking! We love the super chunky tops and the contrast heel and toe!

Pom Pom Blanket from the Pleated Poppy

This Pom Pom Blanket from the Pleated Poppy is almost too cute to bear, and so simple to make!

DIY Sequin Sweater from Say Yes to Hoboken

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress cute! Enter this sequined heart sweater from Say Yes to Hoboken. It’s perfect for going from the comfort of your couch to going out at night.

Needle Felted Blanket from a Beautiful Mess

Have you ever tried needle felting before? With results like the Swiss Cross Blanket from A Beautiful Mess, it’s hard not to want to give it a try! It’s also supposed to be pretty easy which is always a perk!

Slipper Boots from Drawings Under the Table

Slip on these DIY slippers from Drawings from Under the Table and feel your toes fall into blissful warmth and comfort.

So which DIY are you dying  to try on this blistering winter weekend?

8 comments on “Warm and Toasty DIY Roundup

  1. Great ideas, but I miss the manual for at least the socks. Not at the website either.

  2. creative pixie says:

    Good ideas. This weekend I’ve been making something for my blog, all shall be revealed on Monday.

  3. Make Something Mondays says:

    I am not a sock person, but I am really loving that first DIY of the socks. I really want to try that now! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hannah Cox says:

    oooh love these – I’ve just completed my first ever knitted wrist warmers, a proud moment indeed! I’m definitely going to try the cosy socks and slippers!

  5. My Blog says:

    […] Easy Sweater Slippers Tutorial from Drawings from Under the Table. First seen at M&J here. For lots more slippers including a roundup go […]

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