When the holiday season hits most people go into crafting mode! One of the first crafts that everyone sets out to make is a holiday card because they’re so easy to make and customizable. If you’re in the crafting spirit today, here are some cute holiday cards to make this weekend!

Fun-Sized Wreaths

Mini Wreath Holiday Cards from Frolic Blog | M&J Trimming

These mini-wreaths from Frolic Blog are totally cute! They’re a nice way to add a natural element to your cards, and the minimalist design ensures that the focus stays on these darling little wreaths!


Ribbon Holiday Card from HGTV | M&J Trimming

This ribbon card from HGTV was inspired by the bright and lively colors of Mexico. We love the look of the different colors and finishes, and obviously any project with ribbons has our name on it!

Stitched with Love

Stitched Holiday Cards | M&J Trimming

These simple stitched cards are so crafty and stylish at the same time. The modern shapes make them a great choice for the design-savvy folks in your life.

Snow Shaker

Handmade Shaker Fan Better Homes and Gardens | M&J Trimming

This card is so much fun! Using glitter or salt to make a holiday card is perfect for those who like a little bit of interactivity. Kids would go CRAZY over these cards!

Reindeer Games

Paper Reindeer from Eat Drink Chic | M&J Trimming

This Eat Drink Chic card is adorable, and we love the bold pink reindeer against the neutral background!

Some people prefer to send photos, others like to create cards from scratch, and some just buy beautiful cards in bulk. What’s your holiday card strategy?

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