Chain mail, bold details, mixed metals, and an overall tough-girl feel are the elements which inspired us to center Project DIY’s November collection around the famous fighter, Joan of Arc. If you haven’t seen the Project DIY Joan of Arc collection featuring this famed heroine, take a look!

Cate Blanchett in Armor VogueNatalia Vodianova Knight

Although Joan of Arc led thousands of men into battle, we can’t forget that she was still a teenage girl. We wanted to mix the strong and powerful elements of a warrior, with some more delicate and feminine pieces.

Armored Sleeves and Rhinestone Bodysuit EditorialLong Blonde Hair and Armor Editorial

We loved the look of heavy metal armor and the idea of mixing metals. You’ll see a lot of different metallic elements which work really well together throughout this collection .

Knight Helmet and Chain Mail Editorial

Chain mail was another element we really wanted to incorporate into the Joan of Arc collection because it was such an important stylistic feature of the times. To get a similar look and feel we added a layered chain to the statement necklace project.

Joan of Arc Studded ArmorAlthough she was a heroine of the past, Joan of Arc’s story and style have endured through the ages because of their ground-breaking ability to completely disregard the status quo. We hope that by creating the pieces in the Project DIY Joan of Arc collection you can take a little bit of Joan’s spirit with you wherever you go!

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