DIY: Button Necklace


We may be in the minority here, but we love cold weather! There is nothing better than curling up in a sweater while sipping hot cocoa. But bundling up in layers makes it pretty hard to show off those dainty jewelry pieces that were so popular in the summer. And forget about wearing any cute little layered bracelets because they’ll make pulling down those cardigan sleeves impossible! If you still want to accessorize your style this fall/winter, take the dramatic approach and make statement with a bold button necklace!

Button Statement Necklace Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Thick felt

Jump rings

Small hole puncher

Scissor #40324

Needle #43224 & Thread #42681

16mm Striated Metal Chain #36953

Buttons We Used:

Metal Button w/ Dots #40810

2-Hole Ridge Metal Button #54964

King’s Crest Metal Blazer Button #57331

Animal Print Metal Button #48608

Cross SymbolBlazer Button #58403

Metal Fashion Button #23605

Hammered Metal Button #39747

4-Hole Metal Button #54965

Domed Buds Metal Button #36761

Antique Button w/ Shank #43672

Ornate Metal Button #49004

Metal Button w/ Shank and Floral Design #38726

Half Dome Lion Blazer Button #58811

Folding Felt in Half Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

1. Take your piece of felt, and fold it in half.

Cutting Felt for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

2. Cut into a half-arc shape, making sure the folded edge of the felt stays intact.

Layout for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

3. Unfold your felt, and lay out the buttons to create a pattern.

Sewing Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

4. Sew on each button. Some of the buttons are pretty heavy, so make sure you sew each button on a few times to ensure it will not fall off.

Cutting Felt for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

5. There may be extra felt around your button pattern. You can either leave it, or trim around your buttons. Whatever you decide, make sure you leave some felt on the end of your necklace for your jump ring and chain!

Making Hole for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

6. Using your hole punch, place a hole on each corner.

Attaching Jump Ring for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

7. Attach the jump ring and chain. Repeat on other side.

Completed Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

Now that your necklace is done, wear it with any of your cold-weather attire for a bold and beautiful look!

13 comments on “DIY: Button Necklace

  1. whatwewear says:

    gorgeous idea, we love it!! it looks great!
    xx Vera & Rony

  2. knitsbywhit says:

    I love this. On my DIY list!

  3. This is amazing! I love how you used felt for the backing, and how the buttons have such a great vintage feel to them. Now that chain is spectacular too! I made a button charm bracelet using vintage buttons and M&J chain:
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  4. Elly says:

    I love this necklace! I love a chunky necklace with a felt background. And the use of chain is so trendy right now. I really want to make something like this using all the vintage buttons of my grandmothers! I always look for unique pieces such as this to add to my extensive jewelry collection.

  5. […] our Vintage Button Necklace DIY? Replace those brass buttons with some of the rhinestone buttons above, and […]

  6. cynthia says:

    I love ths making one for myself

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