Buttons are one of the most functional and fashionable ways to upgrade your outfit. There are so many styles out there from the thick jacket button, to the fragile, fabric-covered buttons used on wedding dresses. We are completely inspired by these fashionable fasteners, and below are some reasons why we think you should be too!

Black Button Jacket from Kinder Aggugini

Military Jacket from Burberry Prorsum

We love a good military jacket or blazer when the weather starts to turn from mild to cold, and the buttons on these pieces are what make them so amazing!

Bride Wedding Dress Buttons

Mother of Pearl Buttons of Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding dresses, I think we can all agree that the look of a line of buttons running along the back of a dress is simply breathtaking. Brides have been adorning their beautiful dresses with buttons for ages, but now some have even scrapped the floral bouquet in favor of a button bouquet!

Ran Hwang Button Art

Ran Hwang Button Art

Artist Ran Hwang uses buttons, pins and other fashion findings to create these massive murals. We can only wonder what she would make if she stepped foot into M&J!

Button Globe from Dishfunctional Designs

Who says buttons can’t make their way into home decor? Definitely not us! This button globe is out of this world! Using a lot of colored buttons for DIYs can make them look whimsical and kid-like. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated button DIY, use a range of colors from the same family.

At M&J we have a button for every need. Whether it’s for fashion, home decor or an expansive art installation, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

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