It’s November, and you know what that means. Mustaches are everywhere! In honor of Movember, a month-long event during which your man friends sport mustaches to bring awareness to prostate cancer and health, we thought we would compile a list of mustache DIYs. This way you can still take part, even if you can’t physically grow one!

The Key(chain) to Cool

Mustache Keychain | Etsy Russian Team

While you may not be able to upgrade your ride in half an hour, you can definitely upgrade your keychain! These simple leather mustaches are quick to make, and cute to boot. 

Baby ‘Stache

Baby with Mustache | The Paper Seed

They say that kids grow up too quickly nowadays. That’s hogwash. Look at how cute babies look with mustaches! Make these pacifier mustaches, and snap a bunch of pictures!

Real tip: These are just novelty items, and shouldn’t be used without adult supervision.

Popular Props

Mustache Photo Prop | My Calico Skies

Everyone knows that the most fun prop in a wedding photo booth is the big handlebar mustache. Why? Maybe it’s an easy way to try out the style without having to grow one out yourself. (Those things take some SERIOUS maintenance.) Whatever the reason, now’s the time to make your own, especially if you have a party coming up! Mustaches are always a hit!

Mustache: The Natural Nose Warmer

Mustache Face Warmer | Sans Limites Crochet

This face warmer from Sans Limites Crochet is the warmest way to wear a mustache! Make one today to battle the blistering cold of the seasons, and look super adorable. Two birds, one stone.

Mean Muggin’

This video shows you how to make your own mustachioed mug! Who knew it was so easy to personalize your dishes?!

Stylish Stationery

If you put a mustache on something, people will take you more seriously. That’s like a well-known fact, which makes this pencil case the perfect addition to your serious office, serious backpack or serious craft room. Seriously.

Are you taking part in Movember, or do you think that mustache DIYs are just too cute to pass up?

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