Decorating pumpkins is one of our favorite ways to get into Halloween! But who says they’re only good for one holiday? If you take out the scare and insert some style, pumpkins or gourds can be the perfect seasonal decoration!

Party Animals

Studio DIY Party Animal Pumpkins

Studio DIY made these adorable “Party Animal” pumpkins. Just look for tiny pumpkins with long stems or “noses”, and follow their simple instructions!

Gilded Gourd

Cupcakes and Cashmere Gold Pumpkins

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is the perfect party planner. Her delicate details are always so chic and simple, and this tiny gilded gourd is the perfect place card for any autumnal gathering!

It’s a Wrap

Good Housekeeping Ribbon Pumpkins

Good Housekeeping made these super cute pumpkins with some double-stick tape and ribbon. Going for another color palette at your next dinner party? Just switch out the ribbon!


M&J Trimming Punk Pumpkins

We got a little crafty at the office, and made these “punk-kins”. They’re super easy to replicate. Just take your nailheads of choice, and press them in! The nailheads are easily removed, and can be reused in your next DIY!

Personalized Pumpkins

Dwellings by Devore Monogrammed Pumpkin

We bet this pumpkin from Dwellings by Devore is the original pumpkin from Cinderella. Doesn’t it look so stylish and classy? All it takes is a little glitter!

We love mixing organic elements with some chic M&J adornments for fall! What’s your favorite home decor DIY for autumn?

12 thoughts on “Perfect Pumpkins

      1. i love to DIY bling! I blinged one of my own bags I designed, one of a kind, when i went away on holiday, my mother gave it away by mistake. But blinging pumpkins is a whole new level of bling.

  1. Your photos are great! You always have such great detail in them. I like the bling but I’m also quite fond of the party animal pumpkins – pumpkins on the wild side. Where do you get such great ideas from?

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