DIY Spiked Necklace Inspiration


When browsing Shopbop, one of our favorite go-to sites for inspiration, we became enthralled by Joomi Lim’s latest collection. The punk carnival bracelet stood out for several reasons. It’s not only stunning, but something we could easily replicate. Here at M&J we carry chains, clasps and screw on nails making this a very simple DIY. Looking to add a pop of color? Use nail polish!Spiked Necklace
Since we’ve been doing crafts for awhile now we picked up some helpful hints and tricks that we love sharing! Feel free to share any of your tips as well, we love hearing from you!

2 comments on “DIY Spiked Necklace Inspiration

  1. mentalageof3 says:

    Oh my gosh this actually looks amazing! I never thought i was the person to wear something like this but the neon colours just make it look sooo cool!!
    Ellie from

  2. creazionibyvale says:


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