H&M Basic White Tank Top

2 Buckets

Rit Dye  in Purple

Rit Dye in Blue


Following the Rit Dye instructions, we combined the RIT dye blue powder with 2 cups of hot water, and 5 cups of lukewarm water in order to fill one bucket.

1. DSC_0135

We also filled another bucket with a purple Rit dye powder.

Dip half of your tank into a bucket of blue dye making sure it is fully saturated.

2. DSC_0137

Now, dip the middle portion of your tank into the purple dye.

3. DSC_0143

4. DSC_0159

Squeeze any excess dye out into either bucket letting the colors run.

6. DSC_0158

Wash out your tank until the running water becomes translucent. This will indicate the dye has set in and will not run.

8. DSC_0153


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