Beach Essentials Check List:
1. Bathing Suit
2. Sunscreen
3. Towel
4. Umbrella
5. Reading Material
6. Snacks
7. Beach Games
8. Sunglasses
9. Bug Spray
10. Wallet

The only thing missing is a cute way to tote around all of your belongings.
Go to the beach in style with these DIY summer beach bags.

0.chicsteals_diynetbag_openingphotoChic Steals Summer Net Bag DIY

beach-towel-blanket-diy-tote-bag-summer-projectDIY Enthusiast Towel Beach Bag

duct_tape_bag_finalClever Thursday Duct Tape Beach Bag

Between the Lines Beach Bag DIYBetween the Lines DIY Beach Bag

2 thoughts on “Summer Beach Bag DIYs

  1. These all are must have things when visiting beach! I would appreciate if you would share the tutorial of how we can make beach bag from a towel. I will look forward for your reply!

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