Summer Shoes DIY Roundup


We hope you enjoyed our Four Ways To Embellish SUMMER SHOES DIY Feature this past week. Shoe trends are constantly evolving, and so are our DIY skills. We love taking our ideas a step further hoping to impress you. Keep following us as we continue stepping up our shoe game. Until next time, here’s a look at what shoe DIYs we may do next. Stay tuned!

Shoe Recap

Don’t forget to check out the tutorials for each of the Four Ways to Embellish SUMMER SHOES Feature…

The Ballet Flat


The Dip Dyed Kicks


The Blinged Out Heel


and the Studded Sandals


3 comments on “Summer Shoes DIY Roundup

  1. rosie154 says:

    Great way of making something old new again!

  2. pja6 says:

    Those studded sandals are the best and I don’t even wear sandals!

  3. M&J Trimming says:

    They’re so easy to make too!

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