Although we used an iron on trim for this DIY, we wanted to ensure that our neon studs would stay on for the long haul. We initially tried using an iron, and then a hot glue gun, but we ultimately decided that E-6000 was our best bet. That’s the best part about DIY projects, you’re constantly learning and bettering your skills as you go along. We’re more than happy to pass on our useful tips and tidbits with our blogger community. Feel free to share some of your favorite DIY tips with us as well!


SuppliesFlat Sandals that looked a little plain

E-6000 Glue

9MM Iron-On Trim Spike Stud Trim in Neon Yellow


The first thing you will want to do is determine where you would like your neon studs to go. mjtrimming

Once you have decided on the placement, measure and cut the trim accordingly.


Apply E-6000 glue onto both sides of the material that you are sealing and immediately place your trim down.

Repeat this for both shoes.

mjtrimmingWait 24 hours for the E-6000 to properly dry before wearing them.


Check out for your supplies.

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