Looking for a reason to have an additional skip in your step? Maybe this  DIY will do the trick. Part 3 of our Four Ways to Embellish SUMMER SHOES Feature will show you how to create the perfect dip dye ombre sneakers using our Rit Dye Powder packages.


1. Supplies

H&M Plain White Sneakers

Rit Dye


Remove the shoelaces from your shoes.

2. Take out the Laces

Apply vaseline to the bottom part of your shoe. This will prevent the dye from spreading to this area. 3. Apply Vaseline

Dip your shoes in cold water.

4. Dip the shoes in water

Pour salt and detergent into your RIT dye.

6. Add the Salt

Since we wanted our shoes to have an ombre appearance we dipped the front in first, holding the shoes under the dye for several seconds.  8. Dip Dye the Shoes

We continuously checked the color making sure we weren’t making the shoes too bright.9. Remove from Dye

As we got to the perfect color, we took our shoes out of the dye and began smudging the dye from the more saturated area to the least saturated area. 10. Spread the Dye with a paper towel

In order to complete our ombre shoe transformation, we soaked the shoes under running water. Once the stream of water was clear, we knew the shoes would not run.11. Rinse the Shoes in water

Leave your shoes out to dry overnight.

12. Lay them out to dry


13 thoughts on “4 Ways to embellish SUMMER SHOES Part 3: The Dip Dyed Kicks

    1. That can get a little tricky depending on what colors you use. Separate the areas that you are dipping. Dip one side in one color. Flip the item over dipping the other side in another color. You can either allow the colors to blend, If you are using a fabric based item, place the middle section into another dye.

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