It’s that time of the year again…we’re proud to announce our latest 4 Ways to embellish SUMMER SHOES feature is one of our favorites thus far. Each day this week we’ll be showing off some of our favorite fashion forward summer shoe transformations. For our first summer shoe DIY, the M&J creative team dressed up a pair of flats with our beaded applique. We hope you have as much fun doing the projects as we did.


Simple Ballet Flats

Hot Glue Gun

2 Bugle Beaded Appliques



Place your shoe on a flat surface, identifying the location where you would like your beaded applique to go.


Now that you have decided where to place you applique, outline the inner front section of the flat with glue as pictured.


Once your glue is laid out, quickly place your applique down making sure the glue hasn’t dried.


Since you have only placed a small amount of glue, do not worry if the applique isn’t 100% centered. You will be able to correct this.


Continue alternating between gluing small amounts and adding pressure to the applique until you are fully satisfied. Then move on to the next shoe.


Insider Tip: Use a blow dryer to remove excess strands of the glue.

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