Who doesn’t love a little clutch? We opted to spruce up our already bright bag with some of our Swarovski Rhinestone crystals so they can sparkle in the sunlight.



Clutch/Wallet – ours was from Rainbow

Lt Silk Swarovski Rhinestones

Gem Tac Glue

Small cup to pour glue in

Pin used to distribute the glue



Pour your Gem Tac glue into a small cup. This will allow you to easily dip your pin into the glue in order control the amount of glue distributed. DSC_0062

Dip a small amount of glue onto the tip of your pin. Place the glue onto the part of your bag that you would like to place your Swarovski Rhinestone. Using your finger place each rhinestone down one by one. DSC_0071

As you become more comfortable with the process you’ll begin to move faster. We opted to follow the design of the clutch, but feel free to experiment with your own pattern.
We’re loving our glammed up bag so much that we may even bedazzle the whole thing for another DIY.

10 thoughts on “Rhinestone Clutch DIY

  1. Hey! Thank you for this posting, I am wondering can you put the rhinestones (with the glue you used) on shirts. I want to make a shirt with rhinestone words and I am not sure how to do it? I was also wondering where is the best place to buy the rhinestones in builk at? I looked at Joann Fabrics and didn’t see a large qty. For my shirt I may need ALOT.. not sure exactly how many. It’s five words and a logo. let me know what you think thanks!


  2. Hey! you can check http://www.mjtrim.com for iron on letter appliques. These iron on letters will be easier to apply. If you’re interested in the individual crystals you’re in luck, we’re actually having our swarovski sale right now! Glue works well on clothing, as well. We suggest Gem Tac or E-6000. Hope that helped!

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