This post had been so popular that we’ve decided to repost it for those of you who may have missed it the first time…

Fun DIY Tutu for Spring! Have some fun and make some tutu’s for your loved ones, the steps are so much easier than you think!  Written Directions below.




Elastic Trim
Measuring tape
Spool of tulle
Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon
Hofix rhinestones



Tutu 4

Tie a Bow

Add some bling

Tutu 6


  1. Take the elastic and measure your child’s waist and cut with scissors.
  2. Overlap the two ends together; only about an inch and stitch together with the needle and matching thread.
  3. Make sure everything is laid down on the table.  Measure the length you want the tutu to be and times that by two then leave that mark on the table.  You can use tape.
  4. Now with the tulle, measure it along the marks you left on the table and cut.  One spool of tulle usually has 25 yards.  If you want the tutu to be less full, use only one spool.  If you want it to be more full, use two spools.
  5. After you’ve cut enough tulle, pick one up and fold it from one end to the other.
  6. Now there should be an end with a loop.  Take that end and put it behind the elastic, then loop the side with two loose ends through it.  Don’t pull too tight.
  7. Repeat step 6.  If you want to use a pattern, try using multiple colors.
  8. After it’s complete, take the hand-dyed ribbon and loop it through the waist area and tie a bow.
  9. Use the hotfixer to add a cluster of rhinestones on the tutu.
  10. Now you’re all done and ready for some fun.

14 thoughts on “DIY Tutu!

    1. Hi Krista,
      You can use a hot glue gun it might get a little messy though, but don’t be afraid to use a hotfixer its super easy 🙂

  1. will have to make these for my twins!! there was a stand in our mall selling them for about 25 each!! gald we didn’t purchase them =0) thanks you for sharing.

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