The other night, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Seventh Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards. This event allows designers of all ages to showcase their talents and submit a handbag design for a chance to win a multitude of awards. Of the attendees, previous winners, Rafe Totengco, Carlos Falchi, Leah Karp, Brooke Jaffe were with the contestants awaiting the results. Many of the finalists traveled from all over for this special day. Each person there was truly astonishing.  All of the previous winners have gone on to have great success either on their own or with large corporations. We wish them nothing but the best, and continue to support them throughout their journey.

We found so much inspiration at the Independent Handbag Designers Awards for future DIYs opportunities this summer.  Here are some of our favorite street style pictures urging us to go out and recreate some bags on our own. Stay tuned for our Bag DIY later this week

Chain Bag

Clutch Bags_Street Style




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