Lace has inspired many editorial prints within the industry. The delicate fabric works well with romantic tones, whimsical scenes and even Gothic atmospheres. The multitude of detail adds to the creative nature of each individual trim. Many photo spreads use lace in order to depict the mood, or set the tone of their shoot. Once representing the Renaissance and Victorian era, lace has come a very long way.

Fashion Gone Rouge Fashion Gone Rouge 3 Fashion Gone Rouge 2 Editorial_LaceLace Editorial

3 thoughts on “Lace Editorial Prints

  1. Hi. I love your blog and DIY’s, a very feminine empowering site but the top pictures in this page of the 2 women wearing lace are just anorexic. Your blog is educational in many ways and obviously very visual. It’d be great if you also have a social and ethical agenda. Many thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,
      We were truly highlighting the outfit rather than glorifying the women’s bodies. We appreciate your concern and will certainly be more cautious when selecting images in the future.

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