If you’re anything like us here at M&J, you love accessorizing. With the summer heat rolling in fast, we often neglect our jewelry due to the additional bulk and weight it usually adds on. Luckily for us, this statement making piece is so lightweight you’ll barely feel it on. Regardless of the temperature outside, we’ll be rocking this easy chain bracelet/ring combo DIY.

Supplies5MM Jewelry Metal Chain
Ring (We used one from Fun 2 Bead) 


Attaching ChainGently stretch out your ring
Place the last link of each side of your chain through your spiral ring. Once the links are on the ring, swivel them to the center so they will be secure.

Attaching other Chain

Now that both sides of your chain are attached to the ring, squeeze the ring back together. Squeeze Chain

Put your ring on your middle finger with the chains extending in opposite directions. Wrapping it

Pull the chains down towards your wrist.
Once you reach your wrist, twist the chain and wrap it around your entire hand.
Continue wrapping the chain around until you run out. Wrapping

This is what your chain should look like once you are complete.Back Wrapped


We love how this DIY is so easy yet fashion forward. We can’t wait to rock this look all summer long. Final
Stay tuned for our Flower ring tutorial tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Chain Bracelet Ring DIY

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