Top 3 Ribbons and Bow DIYS


Ribbons are one of the simpler trims yet they will forever be popular.  Ribbons have many purposes. They can be used for invitations, home décor, jewelry, or even footwear. The opportunities for using ribbon are truly endless. Each of the following DIY tutorials demonstrates the many ways ribbons can be orchestrated. Chic Steals turned her ordinary sweater into something extraordinary and not to mention cute.  Love Maegan created a statement necklace with different pieces of gathered ribbon. Sprinkles in Springs added a girly touch to her sandals by tying small bows to the T-straps. Each of these DIYs are adorable and we can’t wait to try them out.

Ribbon SandalsSprinkles in Springs DIY Ribbon Sandals

Chic StealsChic Steals DIY Woven Ribbon Sweater

Love MaeganLove Maegan DIY Ribbon Necklace


10 comments on “Top 3 Ribbons and Bow DIYS

  1. I like the sandals. Super cute!

  2. ReadingMaria says:

    The sandals are my fave! Too cute!!!

  3. That is so cute. What a way to inexpensively put a spin on something plain. I think the sandals are my favorite also.

  4. The sweater is definitely my favorite!

  5. carlyjcais says:

    Aww, thanks so much for reblogging my woven ribbon sweater tutorial!! Gosh, that was such awhile ago – but it still totally works for 2013 I think!😉

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