With the rise of music festivals, and 70’s influences bohemian fashions have been very popular.  Retailers have embraced these artistically derived nature looks in fashion and interior design.  With Spring in place, we felt there was no better time to show off some of our favorite bohemian pieces for the home. We can’t get enough of these vibrant and freshly styled pieces.  We love the following pieces so much that we’ve attached similar M&J products to recreate the looks.

Urban Outfitters Concentric Square Side TableUrban Outfitters

42949-EMERALD3MM Imported Rayon Twist Cord


56149-8978 (1)5/16″ Rayon Twist Cord

Urban Outfitters Marketplace Woven TableUrban Outfitters

6MM Neon Vinyl Bolo Cord 56146-94846MM Neon Vinyl Bolo Cord

Target Picture FrameTarget

56043-901410MM Neon Elastic Cordedge




1 1/2 Hand Dyed Velvet Ribbon

Check out a large selection of home decor products on our website at MJTrim.com

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