Emerald Editorial Inspiration


Green is the new black.
Emerald has been the focus of many editorial spreads. The color has been used in a vibrant way portraying varied emotions. Avant Garde photographer Miles Aldridge uses the color in an outlandish way while J.Crew embraces the warmth the color brings.



Each of these photos has inspired us here at M&J. Check out our emerald section online

5 comments on “Emerald Editorial Inspiration

  1. A great shoot. I am using the same fabric used in what the girl (second to the last) wears.

  2. This is my favourite colour, I love that green coat and trousers!

  3. I can’t wait to break out my emerald Dooney bag!

  4. aiyanajane says:

    I loveeee the beauty shot, gorgeous. so interesting to see all the different designers takes on it!

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