Top 5 Ribbon DIYs


After creating our DIY Ribbon Flowers yesterday, we quickly realized how versatile ribbons could be for DIYs.  From hair accessories to home decor projects like the ones below, we love the polished look that ribbons add to craft projects.  Make sure to check out our Valentine’s Day inspired section on our website for all of the ribbons and other accessories you will need to make this upcoming Valentine’s Day a special one!

DIY Ribbon Hair Bow via Stripes and Sequins

1stripes and sequins

DIY Ribbon Boxes via Design Sponge

2design sponge

DIY Hanging Ribbon Hoop via Oh Happy Day

3happy day

DIY Ribbon Storage Box via Honestly WTF

4honestly wtf

DIY Ribbon Chain Bracelet via Trinkets in Bloom

5trinkets in bloom

8 comments on “Top 5 Ribbon DIYs

  1. 別緻 BEE says:

    Thanks for sharing. My blog is i like DIY for some fashion accessories design too.

  2. ohjuliaann says:

    Now I have something to make with my box of ribbon scraps. Thanks!

  3. mrsdeboots says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have ribbon coming out of my, um, ears? Ha! And that ribbon organizer DIY is the BEST!

  4. FancieStrands says:

    I love the ribbon hoop!

  5. Love the hanging ribbon hoop! That is so whimsical, I can see it hanging all lovely in a nursery.

  6. fridaspeach says:

    Thanks for sharing🙂

    I thought you might be interested in this tutorial:


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