DIY Studded Pillow



When sew-on studs entered our store, we knew that we had to use them and adding some edge to our home decor was exactly what we had in mind.  We’ve always loved studded throw pillows when we see them in furniture stores and we knew it was now time to make our own!




Sew-on studs (in store)


Matching thread

1.  Determine what pattern you want to create with the studs ahead of time.

2.  Thread your needle and insert it into the pillow.


3.  Sew your first stud onto the needle and push it to the bottom of the thread on the pillow.

4.  Sew the thread through the pillow close to the end of the stud and to the point where the next stud will lay.



5.  Continue this until you’ve sewn all of your studs and you’ve created a studded throw pillow!


9 comments on “DIY Studded Pillow

  1. Cool! But when you’re want to sit, you have studs in your spine?

  2. veritea says:

    This is awesome, looks brilliant so effective, will definitely be giving this a try🙂

  3. Miki says:

    It looks great! Really does add an edge :3

  4. melissa says:

    I love it! It will be perfect for my living room.

  5. Reblogged this on rdhomestaging and commented:
    This is a great idea and sew – (sorry could not resist the pun:-) – easy to do. This seasons colour is Green try this idea on an emerald silk/satin for an on trend look as well as adding a little bling to your decor.

  6. What an easy and amazing way to spruce up a cushion!

  7. […] These pillows reminded us of our favorite DIY Studded pillow post from a while back. […]

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