We are massive fans of the all-sequin dress, but, like most females, they only get worn around the holiday times.  Here is a DIY with just enough sequins that can be worn all year round!




2-3 yds of Sequin trim

Fabric glue


1.  Fold your pants along its front seams and measure trim that will start under the belt loop, down the side seam, and to the bottom of the pants.  Add an inch to this measurement and cut.


2.  Begin by gluing the top of the trim below the belt loop area.


3.  Continue to glue the trim down the side hem of the pants.  Add glue to the back of the trim and press it down onto the pants.   Make sure that the trim is always aligned with the side hem.


4.  Any excess trim you have can be folded under the pant leg and glued, as depicted.


5.  Repeat for the second pant leg and follow the above steps.  And then you have created an amazing pair of pants for a night on the town or for your holiday parties!



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