DIY Rhinestone Beanie



After spotting so many different DIY beanies, we knew we had to make our own.  We wanted something that would sparkle like the holiday spirit all around the city.  We are so happy with the our final product!




Assortment of rhinestones and jewels

Gem glue


1.  Fold cardstock and place it inside the beanie and underneath where you will be gluing the rhinestones.


2.  Plan out your placement of the rhinestones.  You can always change this as you go…we did.


3.  Add glue to each rhinestone and press them onto the beanie.


4.  Let the beanie dry for an hour.  Once dry, you can reinforce the rhinestones with needle and thread if you’d like.


5.  Now you have an awesome embellished beanie to rock all season long.


6 comments on “DIY Rhinestone Beanie

  1. FABULOUS!!! I am going to try this on a Hanes zip up sweatshirt…

  2. […] Rhinestones: This is one of my favorite options, since it looks really glam and lovely for winter. All you need to do is glue rhinestones (or sequins) in a pattern onto the beanie. Although you may be able to get away with using fabric glue, a glue gun works best here. It’s best to plot out where your rhinestones will go first, either in a group or spread out along the edges. […]

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  4. […] Full tutorial: […]

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