M&J Mood Board: Celebrities


It’s always fun to dream up a celebrity-inspired Halloween costume, especially with all the bold, flashy celebrities that are around today. Whether you’re thinking of being Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or Michael Jackson, we’ve got all the fun trims and gems to create your costume. We created a celebrity inspired mood board to help get us inspired – which celebrity look do you like the best?

And if you’re thinking of being Lady Gaga for Halloween, we rounded up our favorite Gaga DIYs below. Check it out!

DIY Lady Gaga Red Lace Costume by Instructables

DIY Studded Bra Top by All The Good Girls Go To Heaven

DIY Lady Gaga Shoulder Sculpture Costume by Instructables

DIY Lady Gaga Glasses by Fringe Fries

2 comments on “M&J Mood Board: Celebrities

  1. Tanya says:

    These are all so cool!!!

  2. awww!!❤ LOVE IT!

    inspirational boards are a must for my costume next year…

    these can also be used for Christmas ornaments and decor. right ?

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