DIY Chunky Chain Necklace


We can always count on Kristen of Glitter N Glue for awesome DIY projects, and this one is no exception. She grabbed two different  colored chains from our store, attached them with pliers, added a clasp, and voila! This awesome two-tone chain necklace was born. Head on over to Glitter N Glue to see more of Kristen’s lovely necklace (as well as an endless amount of other cool DIYs)!

4 comments on “DIY Chunky Chain Necklace

  1. elysianjewels says:

    Love it – which 2 chains are these? What size mm? thanks!

  2. Susie B says:

    Could you PLEASE post the links to purchase these chains? I can’t find that gold or silver chain on your website.

  3. […] for New Years party outfits, this editorial definitely makes us want to DIY instead of buy!  Chunky chains, sequin pants, sequin tops, baroque lace and feather dresses … we are going back into our DIY […]

  4. Briar says:

    Hi there, can you tell me where I can find the silver chain pictured above? Thanks

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