Top 5 DIY Hats


A day at the beach isn’t complete without a chic sun hat to top it off, so we went searching for the best DIY hats to make this summer. Check out our list below and let us know which one you like best!

1. DIY Sun Hat by P.S. I Made This

2. DIY Embellished Hat by Style Slicker

3. DIY Stitched Hat by Honestly WTF

4. DIY 1940s-Inspired Hat by Grosgrain Fabulous

5. DIY Floppy Hat by Knocked Up Fabulous

3 comments on “Top 5 DIY Hats

  1. Oohhh, I love the first sun hat because it looks simple enough for even I to accomplish. However, the 1940s inspired hat is also quite lovely!

  2. I have nominated you for β€œOne Lovely Blog Award”! Here’s the link:
    Congrats! I nominated you because I’m intrigued by your blog!

  3. waoo, the red felt flowers are looking awesome! perfect..
    please visit my blog for so many DIY and craft ideas..I would love to be featured hereπŸ™‚

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