Dangly earrings are an easy upgrade to glamorize any outfit. DIY your own jeweled drop earrings using sew-on gems in colors that capture the oceanic and pastel trends of the season.
Tools and Materials:
Pliers and wire clippers
Octagonal sew-on jewels in jade green, smoked blue, and amethyst
Choose your layout of the jewels.
Clip off two to three inches of craft wire, and use to connect two jewels together, like above, with a longer end to secure the wire.
Gripping the wires with your pliers, wrap the longer end of the wire around the shorter end three times and clip off any extra wire.
Connect all the jewels together.
Put a small drop of E6000 on the back of the top jewel.
Stick the earring post back in the glue. Press firmly in place for 30 seconds, and let dry over night.
Created by Erin of Thanks, I Made It

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