DIY: Fun Christmas Decorations…

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By Julissa

My favorite part of the year is finally here. The holidays to me means fun gatherings, fun decorations and great presents. I love decorating for the holidays. You can either shop for new decorations or, what I love to do, make my own. Here is a decoration you can wrap your Christmas tree or around you house, it made of paillettes.



  • Take Needle and thread. Take a paillette and put needle through it. Once the paillette is through, tie a knot. You do this with every paillette, 1 inch apart from eachother.
  • Make it as long as you want, when your a done, tie a knot at the end.

5 comments on “DIY: Fun Christmas Decorations…

  1. […] Decorate with a tree branch and some leftover ribbon or trim lying around your house. From M&J Trimmings, who happens to be one of our donors! […]

  2. S says:

    Great idea! Materials for the Arts is very grateful for all your generous donations.
    We also featured your post on our blog!:

  3. Simple but elegant. As I saw this Idea I feel the holiday season. Golden Christmas ahead I want try this in my home.

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