DIY: 3 Piece Bracelet

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By Julissa

With a few easy steps, create your own accessories. Its fun and affordable.You can take pieces of leather, chain and lace trim and make into a fashionable accessory.



  • Take the chain and lace, slide the lace into the link and make a knot, (leave enough lace to tie a knot in both ends for the bracelet), interlock the lace into the chain, then make another knot at the end of the link, then tie both ends together to make a bracelet.
  • Take the pearl chain and attach the clasps at the end.
  • Take the leather cord and wrap around your wrist three times and make a knot.

Or Wear them Separately!

4 comments on “DIY: 3 Piece Bracelet

  1. robin says:

    very cool. i did similar and used crystal rosary chain.

  2. terriaw says:

    I love this set! Such a great combo with the leather and lace – modern romance on the wild side! Thanks for the idea.

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