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By Blerona

Summer’s almost over but it doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun dressing up! So we’ve decided to make some super cool accessories to wear on your vacation, or your everyday life and the great thing is that these pieces are so unique you can wear each one everyday with the same shirt, or you can mix them up together for that Super Chic look! Enjoy. 


Breakfast under an Umbrella Animal Print W/ Metal Buckle 



  • Step 1: Measure waist size and add 2 inches to the length and cut.
  • Step 2: Take one end of the ribbon and insert in through the middle loop of one of the buckles. Insert 1 inch, then sew that end to the ribbon on the other side of the loop.
  • Step 3: Follow step 2 for the other end of the ribbon and buckle. Then you’re finished.


Lunch Out by the beach with a Strawberry DaiquiriStudded Jewel Bib Necklace 


Other Materials: 



  • Step 1: Iron on each beaded motif as desired. Be sure to let iron sit for 1 minute over cloth or Teflon sheet, then flip fabric over and place iron on top for 2 minutes.
  • Step 2: Sew or glue jewels around beaded motifs. Then sew or glue on heart shaped metal sequin around the beaded motifs and jewels.
  • Step 3: Cut a around the glued jewels and sequin, be sure to leave about 1cm of suede fabric left around the jewels, the nailheads will go around them.
  • Step 4: Place the round nailheads around the cut fabric then iron-on. Let the iron sit on nailheads for about 2mins for a strong hold.
  • Step 5: Insert two holes 1 1/2 inches away from the ends and attach the chain. Use desired amount for length.


Dinner, then a Night of DancingStudded Crystal Drop Necklace 



  • Step 1: Sew or hot glue each end of the crystal trim, so it does not fray.
  • Step 2: Place the nail heads ½” away from each other on the crystal trim, and place two nailheads vertically at the ends of the crystal trim.
  • Step 3: Now place an iron over the nailheads on the trim and leave for 2minutes on each nailhead. Watch this video for help.
  • Step 4: Attach the chain to the end loops on the crystal trim. Use desired length.


4 thoughts on “Three Ways to Accessorize One Shirt

  1. OMG Blerona!! You’re pieces are adorable. All of your pieces would still look awesome in the fall, with a nice blazer, flower pin, awesome jeans and cute boots/shoes.

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