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By Blerona

To kick off this summer, M&J is showing you how to look super chic on budget, this time we’re doing it with your shoes. Sandal flats are a must have for the summer, but buying several pair of embellished sandals can get costly. So we purchased a pair inexpensive shoes and embellished them four different ways. Here are some simple DIY’s that will set your feet apart from all the rest.

Look One – Jeweled Embellishment



  • Step1: Hot glue the motif on to a piece of suede fabric.
  • Step 2: Cut along off the extra fabric and mesh around the appliqué
  • Step 3: Hot glue or hand stitch the appliqué to the top of each sandal.


Look Two – Ruffled Flats



  • Step 1: Cut the pleated trim in half for each shoe.
  • Step 2: Hot glue the pleated taffeta onto the leather trim of the shoe


Chained Flats


  • 10 inches of 15mm Metal Mesh Chain Item# 44522 (1.800.9.MJTRIM)
  • Hot glue gun /Thread&Needle
  • Scissors


  • Step1: Cut the trim in half both pieces should be 5 inches long
  • Step2: Hot glue only the discs onto the leather trim of the shoe. *Not the chain.


Look Four – Studded Flats



  • Step 1: Iron one appliqué to a piece of suede fabric, then iron a second as seen in the photo above. One appliqué for your shoe is made
  • Step2 : Hot glue the finished appliqué to the leather trim of the sandal



11 thoughts on “Four Ways to Embellish Your Sandals

    1. Thanks Maegan, i think you’re right about the glue hand-stitching would probably hold better. E6000 is also another good option its really strong once it dries… and those shoes and bag are amazing! I’ve wanted to try that DIY for a while now.

  1. Love this idea!
    Thank you to wenq502 for stating where to find the sandals!! I went there the other day and bought 5 pairs to decorate.

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