By Roseann

Sometimes design is just that, design.  It is not there to represent anything, say anything, mean anything.  We are pulled in and attracted to it simply for aesthetic reasons.  Inspired solely by organic form these earrings are simple and quick to create.


  • 2 4” hat pins
  • Metal sequins
  • Crimp beads
  • 2 looped earring posts
  • A pencil
  • Needle nose pliers


  1. Tightly wrap hat pin around the pencil.
  2. Pull your hat pin free from the pencil and elongate creating desired shape.
  3. Slide three metal sequins onto the hat pin.
  4.   Add one crimp bead and secure using pliers roughly ¼” above the first group on metal sequins.
  5. Add three more and repeat until you’ve reached the top.
  6. Using needle nose pliers create a small loop at the top of the hat pin and add looped earring post.
  7. Wear and enjoy.

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