By: Roseann

Fashion illustrations are the guts to any designer’s portfolio, but more important are flat sketches.  While I was in school we spent semester after semester learning to render beautiful elongated figures in draped georgette and unfortunately not enough time creating flats.  A flat sketch is a detailed illustration of your design in actual human proportions using a figure called a croquis.  It is the understanding of how to create this type of illustration that is important in the real fashion industry.  A portfolio full of gorgeous fashion illustrations lacking flat illustrations will never land you the job.  M&J recently discovered a great product to help young designers create flat sketch illustrations accurately and quickly, it is a Flat Sketchpad.  The Flat Sketchpad has an industry standard front and back female croquis on every page.  Draw your concepts right onto the page of your pad and then photocopy or scan your design, the croquis will not scan or copy eliminating the need for a light box or tracing paper.

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