By Eleah

Now that it’s warm out I like to keep the windows open at home.  I made some curtains for my bathroom and wanted a way to tie them back to let the fresh air in.  Most home décor curtain tiebacks are made from very heavy material that just don’t suit the curtains.  Organdy ribbon is lightweight and the perfect replacement for lightweight fabric. 



These are only suggestions.  You may also want to experiment with buckles, buttons, tassels, lace or cord depending on the fabric and room you are working with.

(Pick colors that compliment your curtains or something else in the room that needs to be tied in color-wise.)


Making The Tiebacks

  1. Cut both pieces of ribbon in half.  Cut all 8 ends of your 4 pieces of ribbon at an angle for a more finished look. 
  2. Tie a piece of 38mm ribbon in a knot around the gathered curtain
  3. Tie a piece of 10mm ribbon over the 38mm in a knot
  4. Make a bow with both pieces of tied on ribbon. 
  5. Repeat on second window and you are done!

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