Top 5 DIY Scarves


Colder weather is on its way, and we’re so excited to work on DIYs in anticipation. Mittens, hats, scarves, boots – we’re all about winter accessories! With that in mind, we gathered our favorite scarf DIYs to get a little inspiration. Time to start DIYing!

DIY Lace Scarf by A Beautiful Mess


DIY Pom Pom Scarf by What I Wore

DIY Galaxy Scarf by Scarves.Net

DIY Circle Scarf by Cotton & Curls

DIY Fringe Scarf by I Spy DIY

DIY Scarf Sandals


Erin of Thanks, I Made It recently had the great idea of DIYing a pair of sandals with scarves, and we absolutely loved the idea. We decided to whip up our own pair using an old pair of sandals and some beautiful Otrera scarves. Keep reading to see our tutorial.

The inspiration:

image via Thanks I Made It

Supplies: A pair of sandals, two small scarves (or one large scarf cut in half), scissors, glue (optional)

1. Cut off the back strap on each of the sandals.

2. Place the scarf horizontally over the middle of the sandal strap. Bring the ends around either side of the strap and pull them through from underneath.

3. Wrap the scarves around your ankle and tie in the back, and you’re ready to wear your new shoes!